Lester floating out a little shifty

Big jump ... name not known

Dave Compton going higher than most ... on a BeUnlimited!!

What goes up ...

Comes down hard

Don't know the name of this little guy ...

he appears to have nicked Lester's trousers though

Adam well shifty'd

Adam Justice ... rotating I assume

Shifty or rotation - you decide

Adam with some more shifty grab action


Ben bending his No-Sno

Adam Justice flying

Again unknown

This little guy is really flying

Nice grab too

This looks like something went wrong a bit earlier on

Looking at the camera like that, could you call this anything other than 'posed'

How does Stu bypass the laws of gravity?

The rut on the side of the lift claims another victim (Lex)

Daz just missing the nose

Can't remember this guy's name but he was going big

Richie King

Ant with a nice 180 grab

Stuart Lugger mid three

Dave Compton mid three too

Another one of the kids showing the 'adults' how to do it

Lester - the kid's got more pop than Shweppes

Distinctive helmet

Adam Atkins - Shifty Indy

Why does Compton seem to like showing his arse to camera so much?

Daz rotating

I really should have been paying more attention to names

The weather wasn't sunny all day

Compton in the clouds again with a nice mute?

Stuart landing another big rotation

Richie King

Chase me down the slopestyle ...

Catch me if you can

Adam looking determined

Ant's next down

Filmstar Justice

Lex casts a slim shadow

Daz really hunting down the rest with some determination

Anon .. sorry .. Can't put a name to the face

We all thought he was going for the rail at the time

Lucky no-one nailed the rainbow!

Adam Atkins

Stuart Lugger

There they go


I think this may be a picture of 'Ben'

Stuart pulling something huge

Stuart up there again

This guy was riding from the top of the hill ... over the big run in

Well boned nosegrab from Stuart

John jumping the sun

John demonstrating his suitcase


Sorry another unknown (to me) rider

Droppin' in

John with a lofty suitcase


Some sort of wierd shifty

Board and a grassy slope ... what more could you ask for a day out

Ben - Nice big air, but nothing without the grab

Now that was a bloody good day's boarding.