Stu pulling some sort of tweaked 180

one wheeled pirouet?

Ant pulls a ...

nicely styled

whippin it round with a nose roll

the famous 180 indy

Stu seemingly flipping himself the bird

the board was this high ... honest

there is movement, it just doesn't look like it

six of one


did he clear it?

did he?

what about, no, they all hit the bags!

wallride/tap (from the 1/4)

handplant slide around thingy

on a skateboard too

extension ... wet ramp - nutter

droppin in

takin it from the top

jumpin round into the quarter

boardslide 2 bumslide

skate park wino view


bin handplant?

I'm not too sure what happened here

rubbish receptacle roundabout?

this looks more familiar ...

oh yeah, that's it

a photo

strange statue

hangin out